Lord Dakshinamurti temple

Dakshinamurti is a form of Lord Siva. He is considered the original Guru and hence the originator of the spiritual teaching tradition.

The name Dakshinamurti means ‘Form that is facing south’. Hence Lord is facing the southern direction. Because he is facing south the devotees have to necessarily be facing north. In the Vedic tradition southern direction symbolises death and northern direction symbolises immortality. So symbolically the Lord is leading the devotees from death to immortality by himself facing south.

Another meaning of Dakshinamurti is one who is ‘capable’. Hence Lord Dakshinamurti is capable of fulfilling our spiritual aspirations. And even though we give him a form for our worship he also remains 'formless' and pervades the whole creation.

The form of Lord Dakshinamurti also symbolically represents the whole creation. Praying to Dakshinamurti is equivalent to praying to the creator of the whole universe.

Here in the Ashram, we have a small temple for Lord Dakshinamurti where regular Puja (prayer) is conducted every day.